Visualize Your Data

1. Download and install a local version of cBioPortal

  • The source code of cBioPortal is available on GitHub under the terms of Affero GPL V3.
  • Please note that, installing a local version requires system administration skills, for example, installing and configuring Tomcat and MySQL. With limited resources, we cannot provide technical support on system administration.

2. We host data for you (academic use)

  • Public data will be available to everyone. Suggestions on data sets are welcome.
  • Private data will be accessible by you and your collaborators.
  • Please contact us for details.

3. Commercial support

  • The Hyve is an open source software company that provides commercial support for cBioPortal. They can help with deployment, data loading, development, consulting and training. Please contact The Hyve for details.

The following tools are for visualization and analysis of custom datasets


Generates oncoprints from your own data. Try it!



Maps mutations on a linear protein and its domains (lollipop plots). Try it!